We decided to sponsor a State Budget forum April 18, 2013 based on the success of the Election Forum we hel the fall of 2012. At the forum we provided an overview of past budgets, the proposed budget and a Q & A with our legislators. All of our legislators attended; Bob Odell (Senate District 08), Marjorie A Porter and Gilman Shattuck(House District 01) and Richard D McNamara and Richard Eaton (House District 38) and Jonathan Manley (House District 3).

Our representatives and voters were pleased with the forum and the dialog we were able to have on topics e.g. bringing a casino to New Hampshire, status of our roads and bridges, increase in the gasoline tax, local aid, Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act and sequestration Impact. Based on another successful forum we will continue to look at other events we can have with our representatives.

Following picture is getting refreshments ready for attendees of the budget forum.