The Antrim-Bennington Lions also organized three “Meet the Candidates Nights.”  On October 22nd at Antrim Town
Hall, New Hampshire State House candidates, Steve Hahn, Jon Manley, and Dick McNamara answered written
questions from attendees.  On October 29th we hosted House candidates, Bob Fredette, Marjorie Porter, and Gil
Shattuck.  And we finished off with the State Senate District #8 candidates, Linda Tanner and Jerry Little, on October
One of the abundant benefits we derive from living in the Granite State is the closeness we enjoy with our
elected representatives - both local and state.  These Candidates Nights help solidify our relationships with these
officials.  The AB Lions are also planning an “accountability meeting” with our representatives once the Governor has
submitted an executive budget.
Marcia Ullman with refreshments for the "Meet and Greet"
Briefing Candidates
Dick Loveland going over instructions with the candidates
Moderators Steve Ullman and Bob Edwards
District 1 candidates - Gilman Shattuck, Marjorie Porter and Robert Fredette