In the spring of 2015, a ring of scrappy shrubs was removed from the base of the bandstand in Antrim’s Memorial Park in preparation for some maintenance work. Suddenly, the bandstand itself looked somewhat forlorn. The AB Lions, looking for a worthy summer project, enthusiastically took on the job of sprucing up the bandstand.



Ahead of the chosen painting day, Richard Reilly brought in his crew to do some serious scraping, sanding, washing and priming. Rick Edmunds donated finish paint and supplies. Frank and Joan Gorga made some repairs to the structure and did a final sweep to remove the last of the cobwebs and grit.


June 20 dawned bright and clear, and by 8 am the bandstand was draped, stools and ladders were set up, and the AB Lions were hard at work cutting lines, rolling and brushing with two shades of blue and a creamy white. With 14 merry Lions participating, the work went quickly, and the bandstand regained its regal stance as the focal point of Memorial Park. Thanks to all who made this happen or cheered us on from afar. The bandstand now looks like this thanks to all that contributed!