If you are interested in archery, Morse Sporting Goods has a 15 target 3D course on its property. The course consists of different three dimensional targets ranging from a buffalo to a coyote. These targets are randomly set for the archer to guess the yardage and take one shot. The archer’s score is decided by the rings on the targets. The higher the score the better. Cards are available inside the shop and the cost is $5.00 per round.

Antrim Recreation Department can arrange archery lessons for a fee based on demand. If you are interested call 588-3121.



In Antrim basketball hoops are set up in the multi use park area at Memorial Park, off Jameson Avenue in Antrim. The Antrim Memorial Gym is also available for basketball, call 588-3121 to reserve a time.

Bennington has a basketball court available at Newhall Field on Bible Hill Road.


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Biking - on road and off road

In Antrim there is a variety of biking available, from easy to difficult, from road to mountain and that will keep you off the main roads that are typically busy with no shoulders.

Bicycle Ordinance - No person less than sixteen years of age may operate or ride a bicycle on a public way, unless he or she wears protective headgear.

The following three loops are from a local bicycling enthusiast in Antrim all starting on Main Street in downtown Antrim.

#1 Easiest: This mountain bike loop is all class 5 and 6 roads but no technical trails. The route starts by climbing up High St then takes a right onto Old Hancock Rd. Either Pleasant St, (the first right) or West Street (the second right) will bring you back down town.

#2 Intermediate: If you wanted some more climbing and miles stay on Old Hancock road until it ends at Gregg Lake Road. Take a left on Gregg lake road and climb up the road, ride past the town beach and take a right onto Craig Rd. This is a dirt road and has a good climb. At the end of Craig Rd, take a right onto Old Pound Rd. which has a great down hill that ends at Rt 31. Take a right onto Rt 31 for a about 1/8 mile. Then take a left on Miltmore Rd which is a dirt road. Then take a right on Smith Rd which will bring you back down to North Main St then back to Main St.

#3 Advanced: For a more technical loop climb up High St, then take a right at the end of North Road. There is a metal gate at the end of the road but it's OK for mountain bikes. Ride past the right turn which leads up and over Nahor Hill which is also known as Graystone for the lodge that used to be located there. Also ride past the left hand turn which brings you down to the junction of Old Hancock Road and High St. About 200 yards past the left turn look for a small single track on the left. Take this trail down to Old Hancock Rd.

Then cross Old Hancock Road and take the class 6 road called Old Antrim Road. It is known to the locals as beer can alley because of all of the beer cans that are usually at the end of it. This is a technical logging road that climbs up to Brimstone Corner Rd. Take a right on Brimstone corner Rd. At the bottom of the hill Brimstone Corner Rd changes from class 5 to class 6. At the top of the climb is Brimstone Corner. There is a left turn that goes to Hancock.

Check out the stone culvert that goes under the road at this junction. Take a right at the junction to continue on Brimstone Corner Road toward Gregg Lake. Stay on this class 6 road all the way until you come to the Lake. When you see the lake you can stay on Gregg Lake Road and ride back to town or you could take a left on Craig road and follow the directions for Craig road mentioned for ride #2.

Rail Trail: This is an eight mile trail that runs from Bennington to Hillsborough and is an easy bike ride running through farmland and along the Contoocook River. Refer to the Rail Trail description on page 26 for a map and parking.

Antrim Youth Bike Safety Rodeo: This is a yearly event held in late April, early May. The event is designed for kids ages 4 and older. This is a free event that focuses on being an educated and safe rider, as well as on having some fun and celebrating the biking season.



Angus Lea Golf Course, A 9 hole public course with spacious club house, large screened sun room overlooking the first tee and putting green.  Snacks available/lunch served weekends/liquor license.  126 West Main St. Hillsborough 603-464-5404 -

Crotched Mountain Resort, 18 holes, 740 2nd NH Turnpike North, Francestown, 603-588-2000.

Monadnock Country Club, 9 holes, 49 High Street, Peterborough, NH 03458, 603-924-7769.


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Playing Fields


Shea Field in Antrim is available for baseball, softball, lacrosse and soccer.  There is also a Recreation Storage Building and Concession Stand.

The fields are located on School Street, just before the Antrim Elementary School.  Shea Field is available for use by assignment through the Recreation Office by calling 588-3121 or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Use Policy:  No horses are allowed on the field. Dogs must be on a leash or under immediate control of their human partner. You must clean up after your pet.

In Bennington there is Newhall Field, a recreation park on Bible Hill Road with a fenced Little league ball field reserved for Little League use only.  There is also a lower ball field and an open soccer field.  There is a hardtop surface for skateboarders and a basketball court.
Sawyer Field on Rt. 202 behind the Harris Convenience Store is open to all.  It includes a baseball diamond, swing and play area along with picnic tables.


Skateboarding, Longboarding

New Hampshire has roads and hills aplenty, and longboarding is a great way to get out and meet people, get some exercise, and take advantage of one of our free, semi-natural recreational resources.

Longboarders and freestyle skaters, snowboarders, and surfers will be interested to know there's a longboard club in Antrim. . All longboarding disciplines are welcome and included at our outings.

You'll meet people Carving, Sliding, Speed Boarding, Dancing, and Long-Distance Pumping, with a special focus on Slalom Racing. This club helps people find the activity that's of interest to them, find the specialty equipment needed for that purpose, and get out to some places that are most suitable. Boards and safety equipment are made available to try out, ages 6 to 60 are encouraged to come try it out.

Antrim is also home to the Can/Am International Slalom Race, which attracts some of the best skaters in the world. A world record for tight slalom was set at the 2008 race. The Can/Am is held during Home and Harvest Festival in the September.

For info about longboarding contact: Dave Kirkpatrick at 588-3334



Antrim: Tennis has been available at Memorial Park., but as of the publication of this revision to the Outdoor Guide the tennis court may be repurposed for other uses that are in higher demand.  Call 588-3121 for more information.



Antrim: There is a sand volleyball court on the point at Gregg Lake Beach. This is open and maintained between Memorial Day and Labor Day. The point closes at 9pm.


Throughout the year, Adult Volleyball has pick up games at the Antrim Memorial Gymnasium on Thursday evenings. Call 588-3121 for more information, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.