Location:  Antrim

Ownership:  Hurlin Property is town owned. The land north of Hurlin and Lily Pond land is privately owned. The private land owners have kindly given permission for walking on these trails so please be considerate of the owners and other neighbors when using the area.

Lily Pond is just under 10 acres with glacial erratics, a beaver dam, bird/wildlife watching, hiking and ledges. Land around the pond as well as at the rear of the Meeting House Cemetery are privately owned and the land should be treated with the utmost of respect and care. Public access is by foot trail through a series of formal and informal easements.


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Directions: Trail to Lily Pond starts at Center Cemetery on Route 31.  Hurlin Trail starts  at Meeting House Hill Cemetery and goes to Route 31 opposite Center Cemetery.  Be careful of poison ivy and nesting birds in Spring.

There is parking by Meeting House Hill Cemetery, but there is no designated parking on Rt.31 so seek a wide area on the side of the road to park.

Activities: Hiking, bird/wildlife watching, walking to cemeteries.

Use Policies: Dogs are allowed but must be under “owner control” by voice or leash, and owners need to pick up after their dogs.

Amenities: none

Web Link: www.antrimnh.org

Contact: Antrim Conservation Commission

Maps:  Hurlin Trail and Lily Pond Trail (by students and teachers of Great Brook Middle School) are available in the Town Hall or as a PDF on the Town website.




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Trails:  The Hurlin Trail starts at the southwest corner of the Meeting House Hill cemetery.  Follow the orange discs as it wends its way down the southern flank of Meeting House Hill to Route 31.  Continue across Route 31.  Enter the old Center Cemetery, proceed straight across and descend down over the wall to right of a yellow birch tree. Follow white blazes on deeded trail easement close to the wall.  Go left at end of wall to the lookout near beginning of beaver-dam and Lily Pond where it formally terminates.

The overall trail length is a short mile, with Route 31 transecting the trail at the halfway point.

CAUTION: to get to ledges (a.k.a. as Hedgehog Hill) you must walk on the beaver dam; this may not hold you in the summer. From the ledges you can make out the true kettle bog surrounded by the larger body of water created by the dam.  Winter is the best time to cross the frozen pond.