Location:  Antrim

For a short walk near the town beach try the Meadow Marsh Trail.  Less than a mile long, it takes in vistas across two marshes where animal signs, birds and wildflowers can be numerous.

Directions: Continue west beyond Gregg Lake town boat ramp, Craig Rd will be to the right.  Easy parking at beach/boat ramp area.

Activities:  walking, hiking, cross country skiing

Use Policies: Dogs are allowed but must be under “owner and owners need to pick up after their dogs, no motorized vehicles.

Amenities: none

Contact: Antrim Conservation Commission

Web Link: www.antrimnh.org

Maps: see Gregg Lake on page 10 for a larger map of the area.




Meadow Marsh Trail:  Right onto Craig road, over the little bridge about 150 feet there is a trail into the woods along the marsh following white blazes and/or orange disc markers to the right. Trail crosses Craig Rd and into the woods past a cellar hole and good size erratic, then across Hattie Brown Rd. Trail goes to the waters edge and back to Craig Rd. This last section is affected by high water at times and currently has some '08 storm damage. Nice walk in either a clockwise or counterclockwise (as described) direction.

Also pleasant walking up Hattie Brown Rd, a private road.


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